Monday, April 30, 2012

RAP: Nicole

A world without DAD
Is full of sorrow
Vibrant and joyful memories
May soothe the heart
Remembering a father
Deeply loved
Sorely missed
Death is not the end
Spirit will meet again
In peace
Until then
Keep the joyful
Of moments shared

RAP: Mary

She is vibrant
and full of love
is a perfect word
to describe
a lovely
and funny
and adorable
who is also
so head-banging METAL
you can't imagine it!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RAP: Nancy

Waiting at home
for the man
to be finished
his work day
filling the house
with delicious smells
of warm dinner
ready to give him
a loving smile
a tender hug
and be happy
in the knowledge
and understanding
that you share
a strong
and deep

RAP: David

Poem #1

Love is a power
That sets your mind
On fire
Lovesick sighs
And dreams
Of forever
Hope that it is returned
In equal strength
Of desire
And tenderness
Soul smiles
Heart flutters
Imagination unstoppable
Hope soaring high
And then if possible
Even more
When you feel the touch
And know
It is true
It is shared
It is everything!

Poem #2

In a moment
Of reflection
It is known
That to give
And receive
Sets the heart
And soul
To love
And then
For whatever reason
It is time
To let go and move on
Accept the pain
And sorrow
As part of the journey
Then shake it loose
And trust
Your heart and soul
New love
Deserving of
And all your

RAP: Don

driving like a crazy man
to be my
guardian angel
always telling
jokes and sillies
and being
the funniest mental patient
in this insane life
and yet
you NEVER drive ME nuts!
no matter what
my absolute favourite

and a second:

rays of light
shining in a prism
creates beautiful colours
and purple writes
supercali on the wall
blue, not to be outdone
adds fragilistic
green is confused
but pretending not to be adds
expi to the list
and yellow in the middle
continues with ala
orange adds docious
and red just adds an exclamation point
still confused for a moment
the colours
all speaking at once
suddenly understand
separately we make no sense
but together
we make something

RAP: Sara

beautiful light
of love
and joy
in my life
sensitive heart
full of emotion
and vibrant with
always positive
and willing
to share

RAP: Hubby

RAP(Request a Poem-event in Wicked Tangents)

bananas on toast
I think not!
unless made with
peanut butter
it would be completely
so says my hubby
jackass that he is!
he'd prefer
cream cheese on a bagel
woopty doo
I says!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Original Post: 365 Days of the Word

I love
the way you
lift me up out of my darkness
and shine a light into my life

I love
the way you
make me laugh
even when I want to be mad

I love
how we can
enjoy comfortable silences
and loud crazy  fun equally

I love
that I can trust you with my heart and life
and that you know the same about me

I love
the time you give me
even when you're busy, too busy
but make time for me anyway

I love
knowing when you're sad
that I can be the one
who makes you smile

I love
I can call you anytime
and you will be there for me

I love
each and every one of you
who have brought joy to my life
and made me a better me than yesterday

thank you for being my FRIENDS
Happy Valentine's Day!