Monday, September 6, 2010


He is a kindred spirit.
He is a loving heart.
He is a writer.
He is a listening ear.
He is sunshine in my garden.
He is a book list I will FINISH sending someday.
He is a story in action.
He is a trusted friend.
He is a sweet soul.
He is my BBB(Blackberry BABE) :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


He is hours of conversation.
He is the catalyst for change in me.
He is bracelets.
He is the father of two.
He is a voice of right in my heart.
He is beautiful photographs.
He is inspiration.
He is hope.
He is lost.
He is my muse.


He is Smartie.
He is positive and upbeat force in my life.
He is a shelf full of psychology books.
He is converse sneakers.
He is a jar full of change saved to pay back all the coffee he bought Lisa and I way back when.
He is Psycho.
He is nose rings and piercings.
He is a very sweet man.
He is the bait shop and absolutely disgusting leeches. Ugh.
He is a good friend.


He is hanging out at the bar and subs or pizza after.
He is an outrageous flirt.
He is laughter and intelligent conversation.
He is dirty jokes that might make me blush.
He is tequila body shots with me and Amy.
He is a fan of my tongue. :oP
He is cool drums.
He is fun.
He is always a kiss or a hug and feeling loved.
He is my DonMeister.


He is vibrant and larger than life.
He is love and sweetness.
He is beautiful cars.
He is travel all over the world.
He is family.
He is a beautiful bearded face.
He is a fan of African countries.
He is NOT just a plain Italian man but adorable.
He is a smile in my heart.


She is a ridiculous letter to Andrew we wrote in high school.
She is Amos Obadiah.
She is hours spent gabbing on the phone.
She is goodbye said four or five times before actually hanging up.
She is what's wrong? after I only speak one word.
She is calling me when I have just thought of her.
She is "Girl's SHOULD have nights out!"
She is tequila body shots with DonMeister.
She is my sister-in-law.
She is my best friend.


He is badee badee badee.
He is camping trips in summer.
He is strong hugs.
He is my computer guru.
He is a fan of John Fogerty and CCR.
He is "There's no room in those pants for cheeseburgers!"
He is Tuesday/Friday cheeseburgers and tournaments.
He is a fantastic guitar player.
He is a really fun little brother.
He is hubby's buddy.


She is little big sis.
She is a pool shark.
She is summer trips to the beach.
She is ope ope ope a lope...hahahaha.
She is crossword puzzles.
She is delightfully fun games of scrabble.
She is zuggin buggin.
She is a great help in the kitchen.
She is thoughtful gifts on birthdays or Christmas.
She is hubby's sister.


She is hubby's best friend.
She is an upbeat cheerful force.
She is always willing to listen.
She is my favourite chickie.
She is drunken pool games on visits.
She is sleepovers with the boys.
She is a fit of the giggles.
She is always a helpful contributor to Christmas dinners.
She is louder than me!
She is a beautiful spirit.


He is guitars, guitars, guitars.
He is "Go inside sweetie, you are freezing!"
He is our tequila serving Devil Bartender.
He is ski-doos and bikes and parts bought on ebay.
He is an xbox junkie.
He is Christmas kisses under the mistletoe.
He is purple drumsticks.
He is a CD of drum solos made to inspire me.
He is always lovely hugs.
He is a good friend.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


She is hours of giggling together talking about boys.
She is fire red spirit and hair.
She is brilliant blue eyes.
She is bling to my diva cat.
She is laughter in my heart.
She is wire-wrapped pendants and purple stones.
She is rosemary and olive oil triscuits.
She is impossible to say no to.
She is hours looking for the perfect bead in the bead bin.
She is MY Melli.


He is a voice of reason.
He is a ray of sunshine.
He is my constant pillar.
He is the juiciest fly in my web.
He is adorable cheeks I want to pinch.
He is even tho he says "not anymore" MY EDL (Evil Drug Lord)
He is joy and always lifts my heart.
He is father to a beautiful daughter.
He is what adoration feels like.
He is one of my bests.


He is mon ami always.
He is an arabic-english dictionary lost in the mail.
He is Moroccan shoes I would have loved.
He is family, love and loyalty.
He is mon soleil.
He is sweetness and patience when I cry.
He is hours of communication past language barriers.
He is one of nine children.
He is a favourite uncle.
He is one of my best friends in this world.


She is a mother of two kids.
She is dart games with hubby during family dinners on holidays.
She is a rosy cheeked Christmas elf.
She is beer, baileys shots and getting me drunk on lime mangosteen coolers.
She is a fabulous friendship wall artist!
She is a cat lover.
She is wild and crazy but fun.
She is beautiful in a dress even if she hates wearing them.
She is a wild ride in the golf cart.
She is my sista.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


He is dignity.
He is love, loyalty and family.
He is solid, strong and sensible.
He is fried green bananas.
He is a visit to sea turtles.
He is St. Vincent and The Grenadines.
He is helpful ideas about how to beat up a coconut.
He is sunshine.
He is fun to tease.
He is always MY turtle.


He is father of three beautiful daughters.
He is a beautiful smile.
He is after hours of contemplation, ADEKIDA.
He is pele (sorry) baby when I am sad.
He is how your pikin dem?
He is a delightful teacher of language and life.
He is lwkmd (laugh wan kill me die) or lolol or pretty much dying laughing. :)
He is a trusted friend.
He is encouragement and belief in my writing.
He is good for me.


He is husband and father of two.
He is political commentary.
He is Jason Mraz's song I'm Yours.
He is Navi and dreams of living in Pandora.
He is a fan of KungFu Panda.
He is Dhaka, Bangladesh.
He is beautiful photographs.
He is eyes that see and show me beautiful skies.
He is one of my best friends.
He is and always will be the King of Giggles.


She is pictures, pictures, pictures.
She is movie night meeting...match made in heaven.
She is cute little camo purse.
She is tiny shoes and rock music hoodies.
She is the cutest little victim I ever saw! (Halloween)
She is conversations about all the Facebook games we are both addicted to.
She is a fan of Metallica.
She is Maribelle.
She is a cat lover.
She is MY WIP's girl.


He is heavy metal music.
He is Tenacious D and Dude I Totally Miss you.
He is tattoos, tattoos, tattoos.
He is camping, civic holiday weekend.
He is Sumo Wrestler drumming.
He is road trip to camping in old yellow truck.
He is tequila shots and Lemons are for Pussys!
He is summer concerts.
He is totally gross, boy humour movies on movie nights.
He is MY Wee Irish Pitbull (WIP).


She is four daughters she loves dearly.
She is the queen of a menagerie.
She is rock shirts and kiss boots.
She is four hour phone calls once every three or four months.
She is addicted to Facebook just as much or worse than me.
She is always the same no matter how long we have been apart.
She is the KISS video I borrowed over a decade and a half ago and never returned.
She is hubby's friend also though we didn't know until later.
She is always a delight.
She is my sis.


She is a silver friendship ball full of treasures.
She is a drawer full of partylite candles.
She is encouragement and support.
She is a frivolous fairy for fun from a practical heart.
She is fantastic scrapbook pages of photos.
She is a dog lover.
She is aerobics and walking when I needed to lose weight and get healthier.
She is the closest thing to a sister I have.
She is a beautiful light in my life.
She is the sister of my soul.


He is anchovies on pizza.
He is a bag of mouse traps bought for me because I thought he was the superintendent.
He is a teddy bear.
He is a full belly laugh, tears streaming from his eyes.
He is the beautiful daughter he loves.
He is a sombrero shading from the sun.
He is a whole mouse collection.
He is a big bear hug.
He is a beautiful heart.
He is my dear friend.


He is xbox 360 demos and video games all day.
He is Halo 1, 2, 3 & Wars video games and lego toys.
He is a head-banging hairdo.
He is a kitten cuddler and lover.
He is cheese, lettuce and mayo sandwiches.
He is nachos covered with cheese and soaked in sour cream.
He is army and marine games and guys in every room of my house.
He is a wide variety of music on his playlist.
He is a joyful angel baby.
He is my youngest son.

Monday, March 29, 2010


She is a style of her own.
She is silver jewelry.
She is red paint smeared on the window corners of the door in her room.
She is hair dye stain in the bathroom sink.
She is crazy but cute hair dos.
She is belts and chains hanging from her jeans.
She is skipping rope booby traps set up to capture Santa Clause.
She is a flower bouquet and love on Mother's Day.
She is named after a character in a book.
She is my only daughter.


He is a tree climbing adventurer.
He is a baseball cap worn backwards.
He is video games played all day.
He is a warm hug.
He is a soft kiss on the cheek and I love you mom.
He is tasty food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
He is Japanese anime.
He is a D&D geek.
He is his little brother's ABBA.
He is my firstborn son.


He is the rock that holds me steady.
He is rockstar hair.
He is a feline magnet.
He is delicious spaghetti sauce.
He is the sound of his BC Rich Warlock bass.
He is beautiful blue eyes.
He IS a 120GB ipod full of music.
He is Halloween parties full of fun.
He is laughter.
He is my best friend.